Why Dog?

There are many things like, Why dog loves humans? and Why dog is consider as "Human's Best Friend".?

Why dogs love humans? and why Humans love dogs?

We should know this as if we search from Google there are many answers based on the nature or based on scientific research and etc.

But here I want to share what we feel about this "Why"?

As I see the Dogs and Love them, they are actually hungry for love and care, the dogs especially like the reward or praise, they like to see happy to his master, as the animals are emotionally strong enough, and the dogs love almost everyone he likes to befriend with other animals also you can see many videos and stories like Dog became a friend of Cow, Monkey, Cat, Lion, an, etc.

You can see many videos on youtube or in discovery channels, but we called them as our best friend because the dogs get the care and love from the human and obviously they get appreciation for their honesty and devotion so they have loved very much to humans, so dogs are also very easy to train for basic obedience they learn quickly and Humans also enjoy their cute and silly activities and people love their innocent face and their soft paw.

Reward them and appreciate their honesty and devotion and their cuteness as it can melt the heap of hatred, that's the power of Love from the dog.

That's why Dog loves human and Human loves Dogs.

Why dogs are considered as "Human's best friend".?

There are many incidents where dogs proof that they are the best friend of Human,

they fight for their master without caring for their life, they can understand our feelings, so for their honesty and love for us, we consider them as our best friend.

Here is a beautiful story of the Most faithful dog, (Hacchiko).


Image Source: Google Images Hacchiko was born in 1923 in Japan (Akita prefecture), After a year someone gives Hacchiko as a gift to the daughter of a professor (Eisaburo Ueno)

Ueno was the professor in agronomic engineering at Tokyo University, he gave his name as Hacchiko to that faithful baby dog, the professor saw his feet was like bend a little as 8 no. in japan, and in the Japanese language, Hacchi means 8 no.

so he Named him Hacchiko.

But after a few years later the daughter of the professor got married she left the house and also the dog but the professor sir took care of him and the dog lived with professor Ueno.

Professor Ueno was going for his work by train from Shibuya train station and after a few days Hacchiko became the companion with the professor, he used to come with him to the station and in the afternoon Hacchiko wait for his master and later they came together to home like this Hacchiko always come to the station at morning when master going for his work and afternoon Hacchiko waiting for his master, this was his daily routine. His loyalty was incomparable.

One of the saddest day for the most faithful Dog Hacchiko was when his master Professor Eisaburo Ueno's died.

As Ueno was a professor while teaching at University, he suffered a sudden cardiac attack that ended his life there, but his pet was not knowing about that, his master is dead, he was waiting at the station but for the first few days he come and went back to home without his master but when his master didn't come to home back.

Than Hacchiko started to wait a day at the station for his master but still he was missing his master in the mass of people he always looking for his master in that mass of people at the station and just waiting for him there for him, many stranger people liked him and want to take him and even some offered him to eat food there, he just ate the food and just waited for his master like this he spent almost ten long years there, without caring of rain, cold and sunshine. After seeing this his loyalty and faith towards his master the people give him a nickname as "Faithful dog."

And at last on March - 09 - 1935, Hacchiko was dead as he was aged, not because of any accident or disease. Later on, the people of Japan for his loyalty they made a beautiful statue of most faithful dog Hacchiko at Shibuya train station, where he sat and wait for his master for long ten years.

With that beautiful statue till today the most faithful Dog Hacchiko is continuously standing for his master in that same place in Shibuya station and In Japan, every 8 April commemorates his fidelity.

Like this Hacchiko won the heart of the people with his loyalty and devotion, there is a beautiful movie on Hacchiko's life by Hollywood star Richard Tiffany Gere.

This Kind of beautiful and great story is proof of why we consider them as best friends.

There also many other brave dogs who prove that they are best friends.

Togo, The dog cross nearly 700 miles through the difficulties and harsh condition to save the people of Alaskan town of Nome, from an epidemic disease, he is one of the bravest dogs of the world.

The Disney Film Production made beautiful movie on Togo. (TOGO the untold true story).

Appolo, Who worked 18 hrs a day with K-9 New York Police Department as search and rescue Dog when the world's one of the most, disaster happened, September - 11 attack on world trade center. For his brave work, he was rewarded with the Dickin medal.

Like this, there are many other dogs who prove us.

There are also many people who make them believe that humans are the best friend for them.

Here some example:

Anuradha Mishara a lady from Delhi, who saved more than 1 lakh canines and she is running a beautiful dog Shelter called (Hope for Speechless soul) the journey to make this beautiful shelter was very tough but she never lost hope and love for them.

You can read more at Care your dog


VOSD Dog sanctuary "Voice of stray Dog" the founder of VOSD is Mr. Rakesh Shukla from Bangalore, who was an engineer and worked in Delhi, but later he works for that speechless souls when he really felt that they need us so he builds that beautiful Dog sanctuary VOSD, for that he was inspired from his pet Dog Name "Kavya" for the VOSD he sold his expensive cars and luxuries bungalow, he is taking care of most needed Dogs, who were suffering from diseases or accident and the dogs who were rejected by everyone and everywhere, he is taking care of them in every possible way, he is the father of all that speechless souls.


Roman McConn is only 7 years old but he has done a lifetime of good.

Mr. Roman helped over 1000 dogs from kill shelter since 2016.

He used to promote for adopting dogs on social media, he gave details of dog-like, which breed of dog, from where and why need to adopt. like this, he helps many dogs and cats and he himself taking care of many dogs.

His story just inspires us to do as per our ability.

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These are the people who are playing the role of God in the life of that speechless souls. (DOG).

And there are many others who are doing great for them.

This is the Proof that we are the best friend of each other.

Some beautiful words.

*Best friends don't need words to understand. For Example "The Dog".

*Dogs always prove their gratefulness by the action of Love, honesty, and care. We at BIGOZI target for helping people all around us, and always work for making such stories and act, famous around globe. At BIGOZI We don't sell Dog Food we sell Happiness and with that happiness we try to create Happiness! Let's make all dog stories famous! Do you know similar personalities doing great work? We would love to hear! Email us at