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The dog is an Animal, and people consider them as pet animals, which means they are not too much danger for society, we can keep them with family or in house, and they are trustworthy and easy to train, they are less dangerous than many other animals.

As they are small in size and furry, they look very cute and cuddly, some of them are too small, look like a toy, soft and warm and as they are playful, so people bring them home and make them part of life.

The dogs are intelligent and loyal, the dogs like the reward, that's why dogs are easy to train, so when they are getting good care and love, they like it and they recognize the person and become loyal to him.

People keep dogs for many reasons, some keep them to fill their blank time,

when they feel alone, nothing to do or no one is with them, they play with dogs or keep them aside to avoid the loneliness, Many housewives take them to bath and play with them spending their time with them and care them as their baby, or take them to walk as a companion, the dogs are so comfortable.

"Guard Dog". The people use the dogs as a guard also, the #dogs are very devoted, they are very trustworthy and they are doing their job very nicely, the best training and care make them great and gentle, they are the best companion for the people, many cow owners keep the dog for their guard, and they help the owner too and farmers also keep dog as guard also they guard the farm from the cow and other animals, and commonly many people keep the dogs as a guard at their bungalow they keep the dogs at entry. BE AWARE OF DOGS :)

Guard dogs are very strong and aggressive, they are trained to keep safe to their owner and they listen to their master only, so they are tied with the rope or chain otherwise they are dangerous for the other people sometimes.

Here the name of some Strong Breeds used as guard dogs.


*Bull Dog.



*German Shepard.



They are some strong and aggressive breed and some of them are very friendly also if they get the right training, they are the best and useful, they are very strong so many people keep them as a guard, many of them are working with Police and Arm forces also.

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They are also very friendly and playful, like German Shepard, Husky they are very playful also, they are calm, they use to play with the babies also, as they get training they work according to them, many people train them to fight and to guard, many people keep them with family in their house, but they teach them to save the family also, they are ready to attack with an order from his master.

There are many other breeds are also available, they are also very loyal for their owner, they are small in size but they are very devoted they try to keep safe to their owner as they can, some will fight without caring their life so they are also dangerous and aggressive but they are less dangerous and aggressive than the guard dogs, any well-trained dog is very helpful, the stray dogs are also very kind and friendly, they are also very strong enough to guard the people.

So train them, teach them some basic obedience, love them, care them, feed them.

An Important Notice.

Many stupid people use dogs for business purpose, they sell the breeds because they get the best price from the breed lovers, and many dog lovers also buy from them, so they only look like a business prop they actually didn't love the dogs, they didn't care them properly, they focus on their business only, many mother dogs were treated badly when they can't produce the baby dog. Some people kill them, some throw them and let them die because they can't produce anymore and that innocent mother dogs can't survive outside.

This is really very bad and stupid, we the dog lovers can stop them, if you are really a "DOG LOVER" than you don't need any kind of breed dog, you can care, love or feed any dogs if you care the needy one that is the best, every dog are very loyal and honest every dogs are hungry for love, train them, they are really helpful.

Many people keep the big breed dogs just for their status they also don't really love the dogs, I don't think they are really an animal lover, because they hate stray dogs and harm them, the people buy or bring the quality breeds just for status or only for show off later when they can't keep them they just abandon them at unknown place where that innocent dogs can't survive or they fight to live their life and stray dogs attack them or the people kill them, and many breeds die because they didn't get the proper food.

So don't keep the dog for status or show off and when you can't keep them please hand over to the capable and good fellow otherwise you can give them to good dog shelter or NGO.

But don't abandon them, in the wrong way, they are very innocent and they are helpless.

So please stop this kind of Stupid things, They need our love and care,

we are human beings we have more understanding than a dog.

We can do better for them. #IndianDogs are really capable of everything to any extent. They need your love and chance.

So Be a real dog lover, Real dog lover loves every dog.