• stanzlee

Routine with Dogs

My motivation for my dogs, their love pulls me to care for them, speak about them, bring them food to feed and play with them, their innocent and silly activities, make me smile. Love dogs and be a kind and good person.

I am not a pet owner, I don't have any special pet with me, because I am very far away from my home and I am a bachelor, who is living at Delhi Rohini in a rented room, so I can't keep a pet, but I wish to have pet I love to be with them. Unfortunately, I can't keep because of some major problems. But my love for my friends (#DOGS) never end as I am a great lover, I Loved every dog whether it's a STRAY DOG or FAMILY DOG.


But I am lucky enough to get the chance to meet my friends every day, near my apartment, there is a beautiful park and there are many dogs living there, and one more good thing is that the people around them are also very nice and kind, they didn't harm the dogs and many of them are caring them, they feed them like milk, bread, and biscuits. Even making them a warm place to sleep at night, there are 12 to 15 puppies, who look so cute and fine and they are very friendly and playful and so sweet, they are my Friends, "Stray Dogs".

My Routine With My Friends (#DOGS)

I wake up with a smile on the face, as I know, I am going to meet my friends, they must be waiting for me and quickly just refresh myself and go to park for jogging and exercise but they are just waiting there for me as I feel, and run to them but as I enter there, they just come to me by wagging their tail. I like that so much but sometimes I am acting as I don't care and just avoid them and start jogging there in the park for few minutes they also run after me for few a while but I just put my headphones and do jogging.

Then after some time they stand aside and looking at me as they are confused is that the same person who loves us, massage us scratch our neck and hug with love, and after few minutes of jogging I start to do little bit exercise in a place then again all of them just come there around me and jump on me pulling my leg, and hand they just bring their head as they request to massage them or scratch them, but sometimes I intentionally avoid them, then they start making a sound as they are crying I like that drama also, they are so cute and innocent, I really love their innocent.

Then after some acting, I just hug them and start to massage them, scratching their neck and taking the puppies on the lap and love them they just love it and hug me so warm and sweetly, I speak them, it may be silly but I love to do. I just speak with them as I do with the people, I am saying I love you, I know they can't reply in the same way but they speak more than that, by starring me with their cute puppy eye, wagging tail and licking the face and a warm hug that thing I can feel, and I think many Dog lovers also can see the love of dogs in their cute puppy eye, so as the dogs looking at me with wagging tail and as they jump on me I feel they are saying "I love you too my friend".

Then after massaging them and playing with them, sometimes I use to bring biscuits to feed them, so I feed them, and I feed more to mother dog a lot because she will feed milk to her babies so they will get the protein from her, there in the park the mother dog is very calm and friendly she works very hard to care her babies she is always ready to protect them, as the dogs care their area so whenever they notice some other dogs from outside they just start barking, they never allow others to come, but they are friendly also as some people come with their pets for 1st time as they don't know, they are barking on that dog but as they know he is the dog of that person who feeds us, they just get calm and friendly, and the best thing is the people around them are very kind, they feed them and care them so they are very friendly and calm with the people.

The dogs always love and care the people, who care for them, Really they are very good and lovely, they decrease my stress level, Playing with them makes me active, as they jump on me, climb on me they make cloth dirty but I just don't care and wash out daily which makes me responsible and active, as I am a human being I can understand more than them.

I can wash my own clothes so I just ignore that and love to play with them. The dogs like very much that if someone just scratches their neck so I do that and they just enjoy and when they are taking sunbath that time after few minutes of scratching their neck they fall asleep very peacefully, I like that they are just hungry of love and care.

One of the most interesting thing, some of them get jealous if I ignore them and start playing or massaging other of them, they just start making that sound of crying and pushing with head or they try to scare them then I just make them sleep slowly, hug them and, scratching their neck also, and when sometime I just carry the puppy and love him and ignore others, they just climb on me pulling my hands some time trying to pull the puppy from my hand because they also need love, this beautiful silly actions are really cute and lovely, they are one of the most beautiful creatures on the earth.

After spending Morning 1 hour with them in the park, I come back to my room, and they follow me up to their area then they go back to their place. Then I have to take a bath and make and do breakfast and go for work.

After working for long 9-10 hrs. I come back to the room and take a little rest, again eager to go to the park for my friends.

Evening time with my friends, I just go to the park for evening walk and exercise and like to spend time with my buddies, they just come to attack me but I intentionally avoid and run from there I like the way they are chasing me, they just follow me for few minutes and I use to stand at a place and they just cover me. They are almost 15 dogs and most of them are puppies so they try to climb on me or some of them jump on me and I massage them, scratch their neck and again start to play chasing each other they are just so playful I don't need any motivation to exercise they are very much enough to sweat out and make me feel very fine and active after playing with these beautiful dogs.

In the park, there are 3 groups of dogs. They sleep and eat in their own area but play together with me which I like most but sometimes they make a sound to avoid others, then I just slap little and tell them to be silent, no fight at all. I like to speak to them. Sometimes they listen to my word and become silent but sometimes the other dog just silently leaves the place, and later I go to them and love them, they are very active and fine, most of the time we are playing together, and I feed them biscuits.

After 1 hr like they just go back to sleep, the puppies follow their mother and go to sleep and I also come back to the room and take bath and prepare dinner and take rest.

I like to spend my time with them.

A special time in the weekend, I especially love to spend more time with my friends, but at day time most dogs are taking sunbath they just enjoy the day by taking rest, so I don't want to disturb them, and I just visit there and sometimes some old dogs just come to get scratch their neck and little bit body massage they just enjoy that and takes rest, actually, the old dogs don't play much so I just like to massage them.

But at the evening as the sun goes down, I come back to park with some biscuits they just start to play and we again play chasing each other, I like to play with the puppies they are just adorable and cute and later I feed them biscuits, after that, I do my exercise for a while and wishing them good night, and I come back to my room, then same routine, taking bath, preparing dinner and going to bed.

Thank you, this is my present routine with my Good Dogs, they are the therapy to free your stress and develop the Loving-kindness.

I personally believe to get the full result of Love and to understand the real meaning of love, love the speechless animals, because we know that, we will not get back anything from them. Then when we get respect and love from them, that is the most valuable and speechless feeling, which fills our mind full of Love and kindness.

Thank you.

Love behalf of Stray Dogs.