Here we are talking on Dog, to make them social!

As Bigozi always supports to unconditional lover, Human’s best friend- "The Dog"

So to make your dog social is very useful and important because as we are active in social media or socially with public, we are learning many new things, we help each other, we understand each other, we can understand many problems and it’s solutions also.

So it is very important and interesting to be social, and as we know being a social person is very nice, your connection with public will be strong, which is very helpful and it levels up your confidence, so being social is a positive thing.

Then why we are back to make our four-legged friend social? They also need this.

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT? Oh I think you know very well the importance of being social, ok let us know some benefits, when we leave them alone they can’t enjoy or sometimes they can’t come out from some small problems like road cross or if some other dogs or people are coming, they try to attack them or they hurt them as they can’t recognize, maybe that is your friend or relatives.

And some time just because of the pet attack many people hit them or hate the pet and they lost their love and that may affect your reputation also, so making them social is very important and useful for you.

And by socializing your pet, your pet will learn to live with people and other dogs, which make you stress free at any park or some public places, and dog will develop some new and good behaviour, and sometimes we leave our pet with our neighbour or relatives so it will be easy to do if you socialize your pet

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If your dog is not socialized, a pet is afraid to be in a group or he will be a danger for a group of dogs or people, which will maybe a problem for you.

According to research, if the pet is socialized, he/she is very active, happy and healthy, as they are emotional, so happy emotion make them confident and powerful.


Here we discuss! Some tips and tricks to do, to make your unconditional lover social, here are some simple steps to take, which will make them social.

Here we go! It is very useful for us, so take them for a walk in the morning and

evening and let them play with other dogs and interact with some people also maybe for the first time they afraid to meet or maybe angry so I think you can start slowly with own people and slowly with your friends, relatives or neighbours like this your pet will understand, with all this just for security teach him also to face the danger for that you can use some words by listening to that word from you he will attack

the danger, which is also important to teach them.

To interact with the people you can also do this, bring some toys like ball and plastic bone to play with pets as you throw it and your pet bring you back so sometimes you can use your friend to throw the toy so dog will bring back to him, like this your pet will recognize your friends and close ones which is also very good and nice, this is the things which is beneficial to make your pet socialize and it is safe for you from many problems.

Then the main thing is your four-leg friend will be happy and energetic.


# “Having friends multiply your strength.”

# “Emotions are very strong, so develop some positive emotions to stay strong.”

# “Never underestimates the people who are socially strong, because they are not alone.”

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