Life with Dog

Life with a Dog, it is like dog with a life for many dogs as they get care and love from the People and as we see for many of us “Dog is part of our life” and in Many countries, people named their wealth in the name of their pet because of their loyalty towards the owner, with all this view, I think life with Dog is really very beautiful.

But as we are human and we know that many people don’t like to have pets or dogs around them and some people can’t afford pets because of their lifestyle or any other reason and many of us enjoying this beautiful moment with our four-leg friend.

For me life with Dogs is a blessing, as they love and become a beautiful part of life, we share happiness with them, sometimes we spend our painful time with them, they are really very innocent and their unconditional love takes to another level.

They can feel your emotion, and make it beautiful moment and make it happy emotion, as you are happy they come to you, jump around you and start to play with you, and like this when you are not feeling well or sad because of some reason than they just come to you and start staring with their cute doggy eye and sit beside you or sit on your lap with the soft paw and fury warm body and look at you as they are telling you “Don’t worry my Master I am here with you.

That emotion is really priceless and there are many other benefits to live life with a dog.

Here I am sharing some beautiful moments with my dogs.

#24 Dogs

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I was working in beautiful NGO in 2015, it is located in beautiful place of INDIA Arunachal Pradesh, that NGO was home for really needed Elders and girl Children, there were two sections, one old age home and second is girls hostel, Elderly people who lost their house or who are not getting care from the family and children who are orphans or very poor as they lost their father or mother. This is a little bit about NGO.

There I was working as a staff so all over we were like 100 members, we were working very happily and with full fun, we love singing and dance with our innocent elderly people and teach and play with our beautiful angels and that was very rich spiritually also, so we like helping every living being.

It was a very beautiful place to work as their culture is so beautiful and people of Arunachal (Tawang dist) are so innocent and faithful so it was very smooth to work there, we were enjoying our work there.

Then there just to multiply our happiness or joy, some of the unconditional lovers joined us. At first, there was a female dog, we called her kali, she was a stray dog and slowly as she started getting care and food. She started to live continuously with us, she was really very intelligent and calm, she never used to fight with any other dog and as Tawang weather is so cool so some other stray dogs joined us we feed them love and care and like this, we were caring 24 Dogs, and slowly they became our own pet, we trained them with some basic obedience, we even named them.

They used to eat in their own plate; like when we used to feed them they only eat in their own plate, and Some of them were living at old age home and some of them at children home, as dog take their own places and ruling it like they rule their own place, “Har kutte ka apna ilaka hota hai.” So all had their own places, but 3 dogs were free to go anywhere they use to play with old age home Dogs and children’s home Dogs, 1 st the kali as she was senior and most important- female dog (Pomeranian breed) because she was favorite of all, she used to come with owner, and the 3 rd was the Leader of all the great fighter KALU, he was really very brave and strong, so no one wants to fight with kalu, so he can go where ever he wants.

All of them were doing their duty very well, they never allowed any stranger to easily enter inside the boundary, as we have garden of apple and beautiful flowers they used to protect them from cows and other animals, and one of them was very brave he was small in size but he was never afraid to attack anyone he hasn’t fear of knife, stick, etc. If he feels unsafe he directly use to attack. He used to wake up and take a glimpse around the boundaries, he just follows his owner, he was very handsome with golden fur and a beautiful black mark on his forehead and as he is small in size he look too cute also.

Like this there were many of them who used to live with elderly people and even going for a walk with them, some of them walking with Children and playing with them, the moment was very beautiful.

And one day after the examination of children as there New year comes, all the students and some elderly people going to visit their village and some of them were going to temple to spend the holy week and most of the staff were going to their own village and some for vacation, few of us left at NGO, and we were living and doing our own work at that time my living room was far from other and I was alone there, but my pets never leave me alone there, after dinner they come to me and guard my room as they are taking care of me, as the place was near to forest, it was really very beautiful to live with them and in the morning they use to wake me up by knocking the door and shouting as I came out they use to play, jump around and lick my face. They are great lover and emotional too. I spent almost two months with just my four-leg friends when no one was present there. I spent lots of time with them.

And like they are always with me just to keep me safe and secure this was a very special experience for me to live with them, as I care them they also care me, they always love you as their capability, their love is so pure that directly connects to your mind with beautiful emotion.

Like this I think, there are many benefits to live with our four-leg friend.

Decrease our stress level.

Their silly actions make us stress-free it decrease our stress level, they are doing many silly actions which look so cute and brings a beautiful smile on your face, they are so emotional and their love is so pure, so the power of love, working for us to decrease the stress level, in spiritual way it is called (Maitri Shakti) in Buddhism (Metta Shakti) the power of loving Kindness.

They keep us active

When you adopt a dog that creates a responsibility to take care of them, as they need to walk in morning and evening and now you have to walk with them and as walking is very good for your health it makes your blood circulation better which keep you active and healthy, and some other responsibility as they use to play inside the room and you have to clean and train them, make them understand what not to do, that is very beautiful, you are understanding the sense of responsibility they train your mind to work with patience and be calm which is very useful for your whole life it can bring you a successful life and fill your life with happiness and joy, like this they keep you active physically and mentally also.

Positive Environment

Dogs are very interesting as they perform some silly action which is really very cute to see, as they are happy they jump around you act to bite and stand for a while with wagging their tiny tail and looking to you with their cute puppy eyes, it is like “awwwww sooooo cuteee”, that just fill your heart full of love and kindness and entertain you a lot, it makes you beautiful and kind-hearted person and bring you long-lasting beautiful smile on your face.

So life, to live with a dog is really very beautiful and interesting, caring them is very nice, so care them adopt them no need to buy, stop that non-sense business of pet. Adopt the needy ones, feed them train them, the people who can’t adopt or keep a dog at home because of any reason then don’t hurt them or hate them, you can feed them the love they also need love from you as they are hungry for

the love they blindly believe us so don’t hurt them, care them as much as you can.

This is also very nice to care stray dog, make them a warm place to stay or if they get any injury by accident or any other reason try to help them, there are many pet farm who are helping this kind of dogs freely so let them know, they are really very innocent and lovely.

(WAGHYA) The beautiful and heart touching story of the loyal dog, of INDIA.

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It is about WAGHYA (means tiger in Marathi) the pet of great Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj, Waghya was a great example of loyalty and his immortal faith towards his master.

After Chhatrapati Shivaji’s death, the Waghya the epitome of loyalty and great devotee of Maharaja mourned and jump into his master’s funeral and immolated himself.

And after seeing his love, loyalty, and devotion, people built a statue of Waghya next to Shivaji Maharaja’s Samadhi at Raigad fort, but in 2011 the statue of Waghya was removed by alleged members and later it was reinstalled the Waghya statue back.

Some Beautiful Words

# “The power of Love can melt your mountain of negative.”

# “Dogs are the Best, to understand the deep meaning of Love and kindness.”

# “Loving Kindness is the real symbol of Respect.”