Indian Dog's

Engraved with beauty, inside to outside #IndianDogs are heart winning. From history to now, dogs have marked their value and earned respect from the society. They are attention seeker and they very well know to make a person love him.

There work have always shouted and marked about their #Honesty #Loyalty and #Bravery towards their owner, and again in this era they have embraced the change and showed people about their bravery. They deserve more then we give to them. In this beautiful era of development where #Indianarmy #police and #securityagencies are training #Dogs to make their work easy and fast. And most of us are showing the worst of us- Torturing, Poisoning and killing. It is the time to show love towards them, who are doing so great to us. Saving us from bomb's, guarding at airports and high confidential building. Sniffing weapons, drugs and so more. And we- growing in this civilization, killing dog in name of cleaning, relocating them, injecting them with poison and worst medicines- making them dead body breathing. Few day's back near to my office i saw suddenly 5 puppies dead, even though i played with them one night back. Life is so easy and beautiful- live it, enjoy it, do good to people, make them smile, help everyone with the best possible, why beating and killing the innocent creature. Even if they are wrong- why to kill for a small mistake. I know it make you angry and you can't stop yourself when they pee or get fresh in front of your house or in street. But trust me it's you having problem. Get treatment for your aggressive behavior sir/mam. It will help you in growing and you will be idol to next generation, who are watching you doing great. What you think sometime, No one is watching? "Trust me - Someone from somewhere is always watching". Step forward and think once, if these stray's guard your house or we can say #guarddog for your property. Just train them and they will do the best- they can. They are really Good Dog. They take responsibility for their work, they are brave, they can get them injured or take an attack to death to protect you. Indian dog have their own history. They created it- Confused about how one dog can do this much? Adopt one and then you can feel it. There's an old saying. "Feed dog once, he will remember you forever.

Dog's have their own beautiful act of kindness and honesty. They Know to win the emotional fight. They control our heart. I can say proudly and loudly- "I love my Dogs". It's among the best feeling in this world. If we all take care of near by dog's- they all will be healthy, strong and caring. Do you know about heart wining story of stray? They will even protect you from strangers. If we all take a decision to do good to them. We can change their lives, Yes you heard right- We can make our heroes beautiful. You know what Mahatma Gandhi said? " A nation's status can be seen by the way they treat their animals". So what are you waiting- People in Hindu religion mark's cow to a great level- But you what - Cow's of that great Hindu people are eating garbage on the roads. Do you know from where their owners learn to cheat? "Teachings- We learn and absorb what we see". Set an example- Start from today: From cow to stray dog's or any #Indiananimal. "Each one Feed one". Indians Dogs have great capability. I have one Brown Indian Dog and one German shepherd. And they both are equivalent to energy and knowledge. They both are fast learners. The only Bet is to give time to train them. And it require patience and time. But trust me that's worth it.

Just make this statement wrong- I know you can. If out of 100, 99 people hit dog's and only 1 person feed them. The dog will trust all of them. But If out of 100, 99 dog's are good and just 1 is bad, people will assume all dog's are bad and even start reacting to it. "Indian Dog's are best. And #Indian people know how to train them. I have seen in most part of rural India- Dog's shepherding cow's and guarding pet animals from wild animals. Taking care of proper nutrition is important. They Don't need premium Dog food like- pedigree, royal canin or more. They need is love, care and normal meal. Give the best you can. Rest they will take care. You are going to take good step. Be part of Bigozi- we call ourself #Bigozians :)). #Bigozi is a feeling to dog. They get happy and cheerful. They even start running and jumping. One of the best for stray dog and animals is #Bigozi. "And yes you make us" You make us eligible to do good for them. You are hero. "Yes You are Hero".