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Importance of Dog!

We value something or someone when we know the importance, Why something and someone became important in someone's life.?

Because they became the reason behind our "Happiness in life".

What is the importance of the Dog in life and why?

First of all, we should know the benefits of having a Dog, then we will feel the importance of Dog.

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There are many benefits that we can get from the dogs and we can learn many things from them.

The dogs are successful in grabbing the heart of human beings, their love, and honest melt heart of the people, minds and forced to love and care for them.

Their honesty and loyalty are incomparable there are many real stories to prove they are worthy of love and care.

The dogs played many important roles in the life of many people, they did the things, which the people can't assume a dog can do that, dogs always come forward to prove themself, that they are the humans best friend.

For example:

Hachiko: One of the most loyal dogs in the world, He was so loyal to his master, he waited nine long years for his master at the station.

Now there is a beautiful statue of Hachiko at the station, the statute was built for his loyalty and faith for the master, this is the real story from Japan.

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Waghya: The pet of great Maratha king, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.

After the death of Maharaja, the dog mourned loud and jumped into his master's funeral and immolated himself.

The people of Maratha, build a statue of Waghya for his devotion to the Maharaja,

the statue of Waghya is next to the samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj at Raigad fort.

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Apollo: The dog K-9 New York police as search and rescue dog, his contribution was on September 11 the attack of World trade center, he was working for 18 hours a day with the K-9 New York police department.

For that, he received the Dickin medal and rewarded the American kennel club ace.

TOGO: went over nearly 700 miles through the harsh condition, to save the Alaskan town of Nome from an epidemic disease.

And there are many real stories covered by the people, Dogs who saved the newborn babies and etc, there are many videos to see that dogs great and humanity works, their honesty and loyalty are really great.

Recently Bigozi shared a beautiful story of brave stray dogs, and are proud and happy to share again!

There was an incident, that some brave dogs saved the 12 years old girl from the rapist in Argentina, as the rapist tries to drag her, the little angel was screaming and crying loud, there some stray dogs heard her and came to save her. They attacked the rapist and the little girl was able to run away from there.

Same as this a Pet dog saved a 14-year-old little girl from the rapist.

These kinds of real stories prove that they are our best friend and they are honest and loyal, and they are very compassionate also.

Learn from the Dog:

Dogs teach us kindness and compassion, really they are very kind to their family, mother dogs love their puppies, they always save them from danger and they become aggressive to save them, in the same way, they love the people who feed them, care them they just showing their love by wagging their tiny tail, mother dogs always try to feed their kids in any problem they are very kind and compassionate.

Honest and loyal, they are very devoted and grateful for their master they keep the value of love and care, they fight to save their master without caring for their life.

Be grateful and honest for the good ones.

Importance of Dog:

Dogs are good for security they guard us against thief and attackers, many people in villages use the dogs to guard the field and farm, dogs always come forward to keep safe his master, their love for their master is incomparable.

Dogs entertain us their silly actions makes us laughing and free us from the useless stresses, really they are doing many silly things which look so cute and lovely which makes our day happier they multiply the happiness.

Dogs make a positive environment in the family, they look cute with their puppy eyes and wagging tiny tails, jumping and running make laugh everyone and happy and when their master is looking sad they came slowly and their warm fur and little paws set aside the master and give the cute looks at his/her master which release the stress or decrease the stress level.

Dogs are active and playful, they make us responsible person, they need to walk, run and play, so their master needs to take them for a walk, run and play and many responsibilities for their health, that responsibilities make the person active, patience and fine. We become very calm and relaxed.

Dogs are the best companion for their master, they never leave their master alone, the stray dogs also love the people who care for them or feed them, many of them came to save the people who love them, they are always grateful for love and care.

As Hachiko was the best companion of his master, he always comes with the master to leave at the station and in the evening he waits for his master to come back from the office and they both going the home together, he was very loyal and faithful for his master.

The dogs are the definition and best example of love, honest and loyal they teach us to be grateful and honest with the right one and good one, they never love by someone's qualification, caste, gender base, etc they love by action only.

There is much importance of dogs they are used in Police and army trained them for war and many other things, they are trained for searching bomb and many things that they search the thing which is hidden by the thief and terrorist.

They are the most trusted creature on this planet, their honesty makes them special.