I Love My Dog!

A Dog is a friend with some extra beauty of Emotion, their love, care, devotion and honesty make us true lover, they are really very innocent, they bring happiness in many ways and to many people.

It is also true that many people hate that beautiful being, because of some silly reason, some bad experiences, yes they have some bad habit also so some get a bad experience with them and they hate them, sometimes mentally disturbed dog attack the people. So many people are afraid of a dog and they hate them too.

But I think most of the dogs are very innocent and lovable, so we consider them as the best pet and human's best friend.

If we train them, they are the best well-trained pet, so dogs are normally very emotional and innocent and if we train them it will be the Best, and they only need is care and love from you, they have less understanding power than us, we are able to understand the things, we can take care of our-self in many different ways as we feel danger or get hurt, but they can't cure themself as they get some big hurt, so we must understand their ability and we should avoid to hurt them for their silly action, if we can't love them or care them, it's OK but don't hurt them also just leave them as they are and where they are.

We are human being we can convert their hate into love, it's just simple- love them, feed them, care them, slowly they will also love you, they are very innocent they only know your action and emotion.

When we start to see the good side of anything, we are able to feel the goodness of them, like this if you know the goodness of them you will get the reason to love them care them, 1st they are very innocent and lovely.

And Here is a Story of Some brave stray Dogs, who saved a girl from the rapist in Argentina.

Image Source: Google Images A 12 years old little angel was walking alone at evening she was going to his aunt house and there at the middle of the road, some attackers grabbed her and tried to take her into more secluded location.

As the attacker drew her there the innocent girl started screaming and crying,

there some stray dogs heard her sound and came to attack the rapist and they attacked them and that innocent girl was able to escape from there and she safely ran away from there to a neighbouring house, they called the police and handed over the girl to their respective family.

These street dogs are really brave they are really very emotional they can feel the bad and danger, so they saved that girl from the rapist.

They are brave and they need your love and care they love you only by action they feel the emotion.

Same one more story from India.

As we know that rape cases in India are increasing very high, there are many cases still pending and many cases are not even reported, and many of us just lost our humanity to save them from the rapist but here still some humanity exists in Dogs.

It happened in Madhya Pradesh, there a 14 years old girl, who was with her Grandmother, as she was there to enjoy her weekend and that evening grandma sends her to bring some grass from outside, as she was going to bring grass there a group of friends trying to take her in silent place, and tried to drag her forcefully. She started screaming and shouting there her pet Dog heard her sound and came to save her, the dog bit one of them and attacked them there she managed to escape from there and ran to grandma's home safely.

Just because of this brave dog she was safe. Like this, there are many brave stories of dogs they are very brave and worthy of love and care,

if we love them, care them they also love us as their ability.

Here is a Short story of My Dog!

I love my Dog!

Chiku was her name, she was very brave and attention seeker, she was always hungry of love and care, as she was Pomeranian breed, they are very attention seeker by nature, they easily get jealous if you love someone else.

My Chiku was white in colour and very adorable she was very friendly, she always sit aside me as she is my guard, so where ever I am going she came with me and one day one of my friends came to me from his village. It is like 12 to 15 km from where I was and it was 06 pm then I just with fun told my Chiku to go with my friend and leave him safely to his village, there Chiku went with him and then came back at night 09 pm I saw her full of dirt and mud on her body than as my friend called me, he said Chiku refuse to stay there, then I was shocked and felt very sorry for her than I made her bath with some warm water and then dry her with towel and kept her in blanket as the weather was cold enough. She was shivering than I hugged her and said "I am Sorry my Dear" I can feel she came back from the village very terribly, because there are danger stray dogs and other animals but she came safely that's why I feel very sorry for her because i said her to go.

And my Chiku never allowed others to come in my room when i am not there, she was very good care taker.


They are so innocent that if anyone feed them or care them they think everyone is good, they just showing their love by wagging their tail and starring you with their innocent puppy eye, but unfortunately, some of us just hate this beautiful creature, because of their some silly mistakes.

I think we are human being, we are able to understand them, so just love them, or if you can't love them then please don't hurt them or hate them.

Don't hit the stray Dogs they have their own family they care them, their child is waiting for food, so if you can't feed them, care them or Love them, then please don't hurt them, and if you are great animal lover then it is very beautiful, love every dog, be real dog lover, the dogs love you because of your action, not by your caste, religion, or education they just love by action so love them also, they need your love and care and they are the worth of it.

There are many examples around us who share a genuine love for these pets and their life!

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A great number of individuals and organizations are doing this act!

We can also contribute in the best way possible, even if you are thinking about adopting a dog that’s the “Best Decision one can make”.

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