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How safe is HOLI for Pets and Stray Animals

Dear human beings.

I am a little stray dog, I am not able to complain about our problems and we don't have someone, who can understand our language and help us, but I want to request you all the people, with the help of BIGOZI family.

We are #straydogs, we don't have our own house to live, but we adjust ourself at a corner of the street, we eat whatever we get to eat from the garbage area, we have our own family and friends, we love each other, we play together, we fight with each other.

We are also a living being, we also love our life, we love to live, as you people want to live, and I know you people believe, we all living beings are created by God, even all this universe is created by God, but I don't know exactly who created us, but you people are saying we dogs are also created by God.

God is so kind and great, as he created us, in this beautiful world, but unfortunately, he didn't create us like you.

You people can speak, and understand each other, your thinking power is very higher than a dog, your understanding level is more than a dog, we have our own language but it can't be understood by others and we can't ask for help or complain about our problems, we are not able to understand everything like you all.

But I am very fine and thankful to the god, he gives us many more things and we are satisfied with our life.

But I have a request for you People!

We all dogs are also your friend and a good companion, being so genius and great people, please try to understand our problems.

HOLI (Color festival)

Holi is a very beautiful festival for you all, you people are eagerly waiting for this beautiful day, full of color and fun, and enjoying this day with your close one, family and friends, with color and water, dancing with loud music, it really looks very funny and nice.

But we are #dogs and I think we are different from you, we are afraid of that loud music and that watercolor also, that water with color and dangerous chemical destroy our body, there are many people for their enjoyment, they throw that color on us, but it affects our skin, getting itchy and we also lose our beautiful fur, and we fall sick because of that danger chemical.

We are not like you, you have understanding, you people are taking a bath, after playing with that chemical or if it affects your skin you have someone to take care of and bring medicine for that.

We can't do that, we don't know about all these things, and we don't have someone to take care of us or bring us medicine for this disease.

God didn't create our body or skin like you people, our skin and body are very different from you all, but God is very kind, he gave us strong and warm fur to fight against the natural cold and with fur, we look beautiful.

But because of that dangerous color and water, It damages our fur and it affects our skin, and we fall sick and we lose our beauty also.

As the worst part of our life, when we are affected by skin disease and lose beautiful fur than obviously we look very ugly, then people avoid us, throwing stone they don't allow us to come near them they start to hate us, but I know all this is just because of the color which was thrown by some people.

But we can't speak against you, or we can't seek help from others, you people are more powerful than us.

So behalf of all #straydogs, please forgive us, if we committed any wrong with you people, we are not smart like you people, so maybe unknowingly some of our friends hurt you, please forgive them, you people are great.

But please don't throw color on us and one more request, "Diwali", one more beautiful festival of light, some people are very dangerous they throw crackers near to us, really we are very afraid of that sound. It hits our eardrum very hard, but sometimes we manage to escape but throwing that firecrackers on us are very dangerous. I see many of my friends lost their eyesight because of that fire so please avoid throwing all these dangerous things on us.

We all stray dogs love you all, we want to be your good friend and companion, we are also very loyal and honest, please save us and care us.

Please don't throw chemical color and dangerous crackers on us, we are very happy as we are, we love our family and friends as you people are doing.

Please forgive us if we unknowingly do any mistakes.



So guys please don't celebrate the beautiful festivals with this kind of stupidity, just for your enjoyment don't harm the speechless souls.

We are human beings we are able to understand things, they need our help and love, they are also our friends they need care and love.

So love them, care them, feed them, they are really very innocent, don't be so cruel with their life, they have their family and they are also struggling to keep them happy, they love to live happily.

They are not able to speak about their problems with us.

But as a good human being we can do better for them, So be a good human being and live with humanity, care for them, love them and feed them.

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