Happy Dogs

Happy Dogs are the best dogs. They will attract you in within seconds. Their cute and naughty smile makes us happy and smiling. The style in which they play with us and the mind-blowing reaction they give after coming from the office:) is really awesome. That's the best moment, I am really in love with that. My hero and heroine sing all types of music nodes (Orchestra music) :). Hahaha, even sometimes I am surprised by where did they learn all these things. They are really drama queen, few of their actions like getting angry or when they want something or when they do any mistake- Their eyeballs look so cool and great. My heart melts, even after knowing and seeing their drama for a long time. Doesn't matter what my mood is they have the power and capability to change it. They are a stress reliever. "Dog's are Stress Reliever" They make your guests, relatives, and friends happy, mine is really excited to play with them. Even he ignores us and starts playing with them:)) Sometimes I feel jealous, how he feels so connected with them. He loves playing games. I really feel satisfied by watching that:). Even sometimes I question myself- Why doesn't he play so cool with us? As soon as I come from the office, I am eager to play with him. Trust me, he is much more eager to play. He comes to me like- Bollywood movie stars. Heroine running towards the hero. As soon as I ring the bell he starts drifting his legs on the floor. Most of the time he comes to the door hearing horn to welcome me. With a tongue full of water and action full of love, he starts loving and greeting me. He is my SUPERMAN. We both are excited to see each other. I Can't explain in words. "No word can express true love" I wish to love them all. And I started this great activity with my friend's company. Going to the park and playing with #Straydogs. Earlier I used to ignore them. But now I do care for them. I understood the meaning of true love. Now I don't categorize by height, breed, fur, and shape. Now I love them all and wait till night to see them again. They also love me so much. I love them all. We spend approx 40 minutes together. We do a lot of stuff together. We have our own stories. We play together. I massage them. Comb them. Feed them. Love them. And after our 40-50 enjoyment session. They are enough ready for sleep. They look for their spot and proceed for sleeping. And I come back and do dinner and get ready for sleep. My life and day are awesome. "I live my life, I enjoy my life." And I dedicate it to my lovers. My four-leg family. We share an immense bond. "Together we create memories." But wait... What separates happy dogs from dogs? The dog's who are luckily treated well-fed on time, with a proper meal, monitored for health, normally treated or trained are the #Happydogs. So if its this much simple - Can't we make all the dogs, Happy dogs? Yes, definitely we can make - It just takes a bit of effort. But that's worth it. You can start with whatever you are capable of - Feeding food, water, taking a little bit of care, providing medical help if needed, play 15-25 minutes with them, love them, care them. Pick any 2-3 things, and you will start contributing to making dogs- #HappyDogs. Same as in #Bigozi we started our campaign for stray dogs. Each one, feed one.

It was not easy for us to reach the maximum number of stray dogs, so we started this campaign for feeding stray dogs. We are providing free biscuits to people who are happy feeding strays. Just order in a minute from bigozi and surprise those lovely creatures with dog biscuits. By feeding them, you will really feel great. Use Coupon Code- "HAPPINESS" at checkout. Stay connected with us if you a real dog lover. Soon we are planning to run a campaign in which we will provide free food to the maximum number of good people, who can feed stray dogs. Let's start this and make a promise we will try and do our best for making these dogs happy. Let's make all animals of India - HAPPY :) "Happy Animals are Best". Let's start Small and make it Big. This is what we are born for- Spreading humanity, kindness, and peace. Let's unite together and contribute a bit to our stray animals. Let's help in developing our nation by improving the condition of our Animals. "Conditions of Animals - Speak about Country". That's why animals were relocated when President of USA Donald Trump visited Ahemdabad, India on Feb 24 and 25. So that conditions of stray animals can be hidden. But this is a temporary solution, and again animals with poor conditions on road were moving here and there for food and shelter after he departed. Let us unite and help them with our best possible. "We can and We will". I love animals, and I will do my best for them.