Good Dog Story

The GOOD DOG or GOOD PUPPY devotes his entire life for his/her owner. He/She never leave a chance for loving, playing and doing emotional attack on owner. Dog's and mostly puppies are born with talent to reduce stress, anxiety and sadness. They act like "Vaccum Cleaner to tension". They create positive vibrations around them or we can say in complete house. The cute and naughty actions of puppies when they are in growing stage or we can say the time till they are completely grown up is un expressable. A Real Dog lover can feel it, it is an out of world feeling. That's why pet owners are extra careful for their puppies and dog and even they are right, they share immense bond with them. A Dog can really change your life. He can motivate you daily and most of you are still unknown to the benefit. The "Importance of Dog" Cannot be expressed in words. Waiting to know- How you are unintentionally motivated by your Dog? Let me take you through awesome journey of getting puppy to having a full grown up Dog. 1) Dogs make us happy, they increase our patience with their naughty actions and cozy activities. 2) Dog's make you smile again and again through out the day. Like you are smiling now. :) 3) You wake up early or let's say you are forced to wake up on time- to Walk your Dog. BRAVO! You are getting fit too. 4) They make you love animals and even teach you how to clean house and to maintain it. (Thinking about the time your pet made you to clean your house, how funny it was:) 5) Many of us have acquired many skills after adopting our puppy. "Dogs are making pet owners Skill Full:))" Even my Boy "MAX" Made me learn lot of things.

# To wake up early at 5:55 Am # Play with him, run behind him to catch:) when he don't want to come. # Even I learned to throw Frizbee, and yes he is frizbee and ball lover. Both are his favourite toys. He loves playing fetch game. He is HERO. "MAX is HERO"

My Friends are his fan. He surprise them with his fetch game. HAHAHA! he make them busy in few seconds. Alway's ready for getting head massage. And sleeping near to them or even falling on their leg's is his hobby! He loves HUMAN. He can do anything for protecting us. He is great in that. "You must have heard about the Dog- who saved owners while house was in fire. "Curly the dog is being hailed as a hero in Beaufort"

“Curly had used his nose to push on Mr. Rand several times. Until he woke up from sleeping, to alert him that something was wrong,” said Chief Reece Bertholf with the Beaufort Fire Department.) He even got himself burned to save his/her owner. These boy's are really Great. "A Dog Can Win you in 30 Seconds." Adopt a Dog and you can feel this. #Bigozi motivates you and even Reward and Honour the Dog lovers who adopts a puppy. Yes you are thinking right! "You are Angel to them". And he will help you in Becoming Angel throughout their life journey. Many of us are having our own experiences of extraordinary feelings and incidents. Have you experienced this Motivation by your Dog? or you motivates your dog for a walk on cool and shady morning:))) Tell us in comment- How your Boy Motivated you? Good Dog is born with feeling of love, nutrition and Care of dog. Having a Dog is a feeling. It's Blessing of God. Do Good to them, Spread happiness and become #Bigozi to them. Bigozi is a feeling of joy to them. You can Adopt a Dog- It's the best feeling in this world!