Feeding Stray Dog's Daily

"Feeding to Needed" or providing food to the hungry is the greatest act in mankind.

Dogs have always been greatest for human beings. From history to now they are part of us in our day to day life. They are always ready to play with us, protect us and be part of our family. Feeding to these beautiful #Straydogs is really a great step. You must feed these innocent souls. They have no proper time, place and food to eat. They move around and search for something to eat, most of the time we have seen dogs eating garbage or leftover from dustbins. That's really painful to see. That's why we all must step together and feed these dogs. They are really innocent and cute. They wait for food, water, and shelter. And feeding them will make you feel great. This would be an act toward's kindness. Love them, care for them, with your best. But remember a few things if you are feeding stray dogs in your area or are going to start feeding dogs. Because this will create their act accordingly- they feel, behave, and understands in the way we make them learn to understand.

1) Make a fixed spot for feeding. Always try to feed them at a particular time and area. Their appetite starts reacting to the time we feed them, and feeding them to a particular place will help in avoiding chaos. Let the spot not be closer to your house, especially if you have a pet and this might lead to fights between them. This will also help the stray animals to know where they need to be, which will develop discipline in them. 2) Do some research for their Nutrition. Avoid feeding humans spicy food to them. Dog's have different body types and humans food doesn't suit them. Avoid spicy food, milk, dry fruits, and fish, etc. Another reason to not feed fish is bones, that they obviously won't be able to remove while eating. Same with chicken; its stronger and sharper bones can get stuck in their food pipes, and cause choking. It will keep their body and hair healthy. 3) No need to buy dog food. Do not bother buying dog food. It is very expensive and strays are not used to it. They won't eat it or if they eat it will make their stomach upset. If possible, find out what food they usually eat. You may feed them. # Roti mashed with chicken pieces and both. # Mashed boiled eggs with Rice. # Carrots and sweet potatoes. # Indie #Dog even eat rice with daal or papaya curry # If possible get some Dog food and mix it with the normal meal and then feed them. 4) Hygiene and Cleanliness. Always try to keep their feeding spot neat and clean. Also, make sure to keep their utensils clean. #Feeding Stray dog is a great feeling. It really gives you a good feeling. The #dogs really get happy when we feed them. And really it is our duty to feed stray dogs and animals around. God has really made us capable of doing that. As in the name of development we people are destroying their houses and their places to live. We are actually making them homeless. Because of it, they have to live on roads and public places.

So it is our moral duty to feed those innocent souls. If each of us feeds only one dog; Life of stray dogs will change. That's why we at #Bigozi have started a campaign to feed stray dogs.

"Each one Feed one" Sharing happiness can be started with one hand, but difficult to share. That's why we are offering free biscuits for stray Dogs. Use Coupon Code- "HAPPINESS" at checkout. Thanks for Becoming "Hero to them" You are "HERO" Help us in feeding the maximum number of stray dogs You people are really a hero to them. And only you can help us in reaching the maximum number of dogs. Feeding stray Dogs takes very little time, but makes their day and life a bit easy. But always be careful about one and the most important thing before starting feeding stray dogs. "Please be consistent with feeding them because they really wait for you at the spot for food. They started depending on you. So please be consistent in feeding them. They look for you. And keep some water near to them, so they may drink water whenever they want and they don't have to look for it all around. Doing all this will make you feel really Happy and Proud. You will be the reason behind those "Good Dog". You made them good, social and hygiene. "Do good to everyone and make your life great". Feeding innocent souls- From humans to animals is really great act. And one must start Soon. Be the Great feeling to them". Be Bigozi to them. Bigozi is a feeling, act of kindness to voiceless Stray Dog's. A great number of individuals and organizations are doing great acts!

We can also contribute in the best way possible, even if you are thinking about adopting a dog that’s the “Best Decision one can make”. "SO BE A REAL DOG LOVER AND GOOD HUMAN BEING, WITH FULL OF KINDNESS".