Care Your Dog

Caring is the best way to present your Love.

We care about our loved ones, so I think caring is the symbol of love, we feel satisfied and happy to see the smile on our loved ones, therefore we care.

A mother cares for her family.

A father cares for his family.

A good teacher cares for his/her students.

A pet lover cares his/her pet and

An animal lover care for every animal.

Because they feel satisfied by caring for them and their smiling faces make them happy, so it is a very beautiful way to show your love by caring for them.

But it is very important to know, how to care? and What is the right way to care? because there are many incident or stories just because of wrong care, many children getting in wrong activities like drug addiction, womanizer and many other wrong ways, like this the pet lover also don't know how to care them, eventually with time they start losing their pet attention or become very dangerous for the society and create many problems. So it is very important to know the Right things to do every time.

So here are some basic things to care about in the right way.

If you care about your children then you should be like a friend if he is a teenager or younger, listen to their problems and work on it and ask them if there is any problem they have and it is also important to make them understand for their mistakes but respectively because they may feel offended or if he is too small than you should love or encourage him in his small achievement and sometimes just act as you are angry if he or she did something wrong or little punishment also need but later make him realize that what he did was wrong, as many times most of the people used to punish for their mistake but forget to encourage or praise for their good action or for their small achievements but actually it is very important and powerful to lead them in right path. Respect them! And teach them to greet grandparents, teachers and elder people.

Same as we are taking care of our children like this we have to take care of our pet,

eg: Feed them twice a day, let them play, take them to jogging or for a walk for 20 to 30 min a day and make them social, and train them with some basic obedience training.

I BELIEVE! Mother is the greatest and real caretaker she knows the best way to care because their love is pure and uncomparable Because a mother cares for us without caring for them.

Whether it is a human mother or an Animal mother, every mother loves their family and cares about their family and the mother is the real caretaker and real lover.

There is a famous dialogue from a South Indian Film, KGF.

"Iss Duniya mai sabse bada yodha MAA hoti hai."

(Mother is the greatest warrior in this world).

Because she can fight with the world or any situation for her children and family.

So I think this honor of greatest caretaker, lover and warrior is Mother.

Here is a beautiful story of a lady, who never lost her love for them who needs really love and care.

Who saved 1 lakh dogs,

I got this story from Google baba, "".

Normally all the dog lovers and many people accepted the dog as- Man's best friend, but many of us not doing anything for them or not something special for them, because of any issue or personal problems but many of us are doing according to our ability but among us some in the form of god they take care and love them.

So here Madam Anuradha Mishra, from Delhi. She was a Dog lover early from her age and loved all of them, but at the age of 16, she starts to care for them also she was taking care of the stray dog who got injuries she used to take them to the veteran.

Then she took them to her home till the time they got a cure. Like this she was taking care of many dogs than after a few days the neighbors started objecting to the presence of stray dogs in her complex and finally she was forced to move out.

But she didn't lose the hope and love towards the unconditional love, the dog,

she almost changed 18 homes from Ghaziabad to Noida, for her love. (DOG).

But many landlords and people refuse to rent a house for her because she was not alone, she was with her unconditional love, and she didn't want to leave them.

After facing many problems she decides to take the dogs to NGO or animal shelters in Noida but there also gets some problem. The NGOs and Animal shelters didn't take every dog who was too thin or suffering from some disease or too skinny and slim or fewer survival rates.

Then she determined to save all these speechless, helpless animals,

There she starts beautiful animal shelter in 2014, called. "Hope 4 speechless soul."

Then with the help of her family and friend, she could find a beautiful place near sector 134 in Noida, and start to help them and care for them.

Later she quit her job and took care of them on a full-time basis then she realizes taking them to the clinic getting costly and she didn't feel good to ask much money from her parents and friends.

So she undertook the three-month training course at the Noida animal hospital,

where she received the license and the expertise to treats the animal.

and today madam Anuradha is giving the proper medical care to every dog, and whenever she needs helping hand, her friends Rohit and Shubli Bhalia, come to help her.

It"s beautiful to hear that as now with her family and friend, there are many donors and supporters coming to support her, and she runs This animal shelter beautifully.

She is really a great caretaker and loss her love towards these beautiful dogs,

and there are many great caretakers in our country.

Here is one more name who really inspired me.

Rakesh Shukla: He was a software engineer, he builds a beautiful dog shelter in Bangalore, he sold his expensive cars and bungalow and build a beautiful dog shelter, (Voice of stray dogs)VOSD

His story is also very beautiful and inspiring you can read it.


So here they really get love and take care of them, I know we all are not able to open an NGO or an Animal shelter but we can also share our love, we can feed some of the stray dogs, making them a warm place to sleep, or if you see any injured dog take them to clinic or call any NGO, there are many NGOs for them and sometimes they need only love from you. A little massage on their small head and little bit scratch on their neck, they enjoy that also, they feel very relax and happy,

that's also enough for them.

Some NGO or animal shelters like Anuradha madam or Rakesh sir are running you can also support them as per your wish!

Be a real Dog Lover.

Who is a real Dog Lover? "The real dog lover"

"Some Beautiful Words"

*Believe your parents and love the Dog, you will get 100% result in a positive way.

*Dogs keep the value of love.

*Mother's are the real caretaker, whether it is human or Animal they care their children without caring herself. Do you know similar personalities doing great work? We would love to hear! Email us at