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Be Angel to Stray Dogs

There is a saying! If you can't do good for them, then please don't do bad to them.

Some people follow this very nicely and they live their life with patience and understanding. And some people with golden heart act as a god for them, and obviously where there is god there is the devil so some people are the devil for their Life, they are cruel and do harm to that speechless and helpless souls.

But it is totally unfair if you are the devil to one who is speechless and powerless in front of you and whose understanding power is less than you.

Yes, I am talking about the Stray Dogs.

Many stupid people just torture them, by throwing a stone, pouring hot water on them or beating them very hard and some of them are killed very cruelly, and some people just send them away from their home and family where they are killed or die.

They are humans without humanity, they are doing this kind of cruelty with these beautiful and innocent beings.

Whenever I see or hear that some kind of cruelty against this innocent creature, I really feel very sad and angry about them, and sometimes I speak with the friends about them, and try to find some solution and we are trying as our capacity, but sometimes we feel very sorry, and helpless because sometimes we face the majority power and sometimes the things were happening very far, that time we just try to search help for them and wish good for them.

But when we think about this, How one can be so cruel with these innocent beings how a human can do this inhumanity act. And deep in mind, we feel that when people can be cruel and violent with their own Mother, who took care of them for their whole life, their brother and sister who grow up with them then it is very simple to be cruel with these innocent beings.

I am not saying that the humans who kill or be violent on Dogs or animals they are the people cruel with their family, hurting their Mother.

I am saying, when these kinds of people are existing in this world who can hurt their parents and family, then it is also possible that one can easily hurt these innocent beings.

But we never lost our hope and love with these beautiful creatures, and I hope there are many dog lovers who have this power of love for them.

So here we share some beautiful things you can do with them without hurting them, it is very beautiful they are really very innocent and lovely, they only need is your love and their family and friends.

There are many people who hate or avoid them and many people who don't want to hurt them but avoid to have them, because of some problems.

Nowadays it's becoming a problem in many cities, street or colonies, Yes of course as the increasing population of stray dogs, the people are facing many problems like the road accident, and sometimes they kill the dog and their body is just lying on the road for a long time and sometimes that innocent barking very loud at night which disturbs your sleeping and the dangerous thing they are chasing the bikes at night which is also an issue of accident like this there are many problems faced by the people.

So they are some problems but there is always a solution to every problem in a positive way, no need to be cruel for this innocent act by our friends.

Here I want to share some simple things that you can do with them so it can control up to 80% and you will be happy and satisfied.

Here with some great examples, the people who work on these problems.

Mr. Shantanu Naidu,

He solved the problem as per his capability, once when he was back to home after office, he saw a car run over the dog and the dog's body on the road and nobody cared about that and going over that again and again, he saw these things happening very much there, so he wanted to do something for them which may reduce this thing to happen.

So then he gets the Idea of reflective tape that people use on cars, so with the help of his friends, they created the neck belt for stray dogs with that reflective tape so that car drivers can see them in dark from far enough and drivers can control their speed and save themself and the dogs from accident.

This beautiful action impressed Mr. Ratan Tata and as he has the golden heart to help the youngster of the nation he started to help Mr. Naidu, to do it largely in scale.

Same story from Mangaluru Mr. Tauseef Ahmed a 31 Years old guy.

He helped more than 400 dogs with reflective collars and has also been treating the injured animals.

These are simple things but it helped many and in a good way, so you can also do this kind of thing which may reduce the possibility of an accident in your area.

Some people with the golden heart they came from across the ocean for this innocent creature, here is a beautiful story from Rajasthan'

This Rajasthani family sells their ancestral property to set up a rescue center for stray dogs.


Jaipur: Jyoti Khandelwal from Mount Abu, she starts to rescue the helpless and neglected stray dogs .

She started it, as once a stray dog gives birth to six puppies in her neighborhood, After a few days later, the little puppies were crying at night because of cold outside and they were hungry also, the crying sound of puppies melt the heart of Ms. Jyoti than this compassionate lady bring them to home and took care of them and gave them a beautiful warm place and food to eat, there this beautiful journey to rescue the stray dogs began.

Their family was highly educated but they keep aside their career and focus to help these stray dogs, to make money they sold their ancestral property and buy a 3 floor of the house and they use the top 2 floors for the stray dogs and they are living at the ground floor.

But as the number of dogs increased, they register the house as an NGO. Named "People for Street Dogs".

It was not an easy thing to do, to care for them as they are not doing any job aside, they use the money of rented houses like this they managed to care them and feed them so as the no. of dogs increase they register as NGO to seek help from the people and government also, Under her sister Chandini Khandelwal as the president.

Actually she is loving every animal but she chooses the stray dogs to give shelter because stray dogs are the most neglected, she asks help from local Nagar Palika, but they refused and said they had better things to do than tending to dogs,

but she didn't stop and didn't lose hope and love for them, with her brother and sister she is continuously taking care of them.

Dr. Amit Choudhary, a veterinary surgeon of a government hospital, he helps them a lot as per his possibility, he used to conduct complex operation of the injured stray dogs in an accident.

Mr. Nayesh Khandelwal an engineering graduate he is the brother of Jyoti and Chandini Khandelwal, he is handling the dogs with rabies and help the dogs with tagging dogs with radium belts so they can be safe at night. Also from the accident that the drivers can see them and control their speed level.

This beautiful NGO focuses on immunization of street dogs from rabies as people kill the dogs with rabies affected straight away.

These are the people with a golden heart and they are the god for these innocent and speechless souls.

Like this Bigozi already share some stories of golden heart fellows.

Anuradha Mishra a lady from Delhi, who changes 18 houses to take care of Dogs.

" "

*Mr. Rakesh Shukla from Bangalore, who sold his expensive cars, house, etc to start VOSD. a beautiful and very helpful dog shelter.


These are some more people with a golden heart and there are many of them. Bigozi will bring more this kind of people's story, they are a great example.

Here-after some great and beautiful examples, if in your city, streets or colonies,

stray dogs having an accident, you can also use some better ideas that can reduce the accident problem and save them rather than kill or send them to some unknown place to die, or if they are barking loud at night, feed them or try to provide them a warm place to sleep because they shout because of hungriness, cold or sometimes some kind of danger as they feel so help them they are very innocent and lovely but please don't hurt them.

Yes! it is also the danger of rabies or ill dogs but that doesn't mean, kill them or throw them out of the city to die, they have their own life to live.

There are 2 beautiful verses from Dhammapada: "Gotama Buddha"

Pali language: Sabbe Tasanti Dandassa.

Sabbe Bhayanti Maccuno.

Attanam upamam Katva,

Na Hanneya Na Ghataye.

English meaning:

All are afraid of the violence.

All fear death.

Putting oneself in another's place,

One should not beat or kill others.

Pali Language:

Sabbe Tasanti Dandassa.

Sabbesam jivitam piyam.

Attanam upamam Katva,

Na Hanneya Na Ghataye.

English meaning:

All are afraid of the violence.

All hold their lives, dear.

Putting oneself in another's place,

One should not beat or kill others.

Here are the Lord Gotama Buddha saying:

Just put yourself in the place of that helpless being, whom you are beating or throwing them to die, killing them or hurting them,

How you will feel if the same thing will happen to you, is that it is the right thing to do?

So when you see yourself like that then you will realize the pain. So don't hurt them.

If you see some sick dogs try to help them, take them to veterans or call them if you can't take them there or you can call the NGOs or animal shelter for help, like this you can help them or if you want to send them away from there because of any major problem then please send them where they can get care and love don't call the cruel dog catcher they just take them and leave them to die they didn't care about them, so please don't do with them. They are very innocent they can't speak against you they are purely helpless, helping them is our duty if you are facing any major problem then take to NGO or animal shelter and help the NGO and animal shelter as your ability it will be very nice, get the dog food, plates or bucket for the dogs or warm blankets for dogs, medicine requirement, etc.

These are the small and very effective things you can do for them rather to harm

their life. Dogs are very loyal and honest with people.

Here is the story of the most loyal dog.


Some beautiful words:

The result of love is the only there, where you don't aspect anything.

Loving to Animals is the best way to understand and enjoy the Love.

If you want to speak with dogs, learn the language of Love.