A Little Stray Dog Story

Updated: Feb 14

Hi everyone!

I am not a fancy dog, I am a little puppy, I live with my family and friends, we love and take care of each other, but my mom is my favorite she loves me a lot, I also love my mom, papa, brother and sisters, and friends also.

My mom works very hard to feed us, she always take care of us and brings us food to eat, but sometimes she comes bleeding from the head, and sometimes she comes getting hurt at feet that she can't walk properly, by seeing that I feel very sad, but I am helpless.

Please dear human being, don't hurt my mom, I love my Mom, she really works very hard and take care of us, she is caring her 10 babies, she loves us she is very nice. She keeps us safe and warm, she always fights for us from many problems,

we love our Mom please don't hurt her.

I am a stray dog, but I also love to play with everyone, I love to jump, I love to run, etc, I am always playing with friends and we keep our space safe from other dogs, we love our space where we are playing, staying we never allow other dogs to come and we love our family.

But one day I was playing on the street with my friends, and suddenly something happened very dangerously, which I can say- One of the worst day of my life.

A big car came at the road and stoped there then some people came out with some big kind of rod and net, they came and chased us and they caught my father and friends, my father shouted loud and told me to run away, my friends were also crying very loud but no one was there to save us, I was afraid and helpless I was looking all these from under a car, my body was shivering because of fear and then they took them away from us.

After a few hours, I slowly came out from there, I was very afraid and everywhere was silence, no one was there, I was looking for my friends but nobody was there and as the sun goes down I went to my mom, her eyes were full of tear,

she licked my head and after some time my brother also came I saw he was shivering, he was also afraid of that incident and then I asked my mom,

what was that and who are they? and she looked at my eyes and slowly said don't worry my son everything will be fine and she gave me a warm hug and said now sleep, my dear baby.

I was trying to sleep but the sound of the father came again and again in my mind and I was afraid, but the warmness of my mom made me just sleep and next day I just wake up and I was happy with my mom we go for the search to eat something, and my mom was searching food for us, I and my brother were playing at the side, and suddenly a bike came and hit my brother, he cried loudly and falls down, and he was bleeding and my mom came very fast to see my brother and then she just go to fight for my brother but the man hit her also with a big stick and she was shouting at him and he was trying to hit my mom and I walked and cried there to request him to leave us, but no one was listening to us. They hit my mom and threw a stone on us and we run away from there, but my brother was bleeding there and we were helpless there when the people went away from there, I came to see my brother, but that time he was dead and his body was lying there, nobody was caring. Every car and bike was going over his body and I was just crying there.

Then my mom came and took me from there, I just went with my mom, she was also bleeding from the head and I just licked her head and she hugged me and we were sleeping, but after that, I was very sad my eyes were full of tears like this I spent so many days. I and my mom were very sad and slowly I was just recovering from there and I started to run, but my mom was so caring she never allowed me to play or run on the road, I love my mom so much, and we spend many days and I also started to go with the mom for searching for food, and we ate together it was lovely to be with my mom.

The beautiful sunshine wake up us and we again wake up with a hope to eat something good oh maybe not good but enough to eat, to fill stomach and just playing the whole day, and that day was quite nice for me and me my mom was searching for dinner and she was near to A big shop where there was a lot of food for us and suddenly people started shouting and suddenly someone threw some liquid on my mom, and few drops hit my body it was very hot, my mom started crying very loudly and run away from there and I was so afraid and I also run after my mom and hide somewhere but my mom cried whole night and I was also crying and tried to help my mom by licking her body but it was very painful and we slept anyhow in pain.

At next morning as I opened my eyes, I saw something dangerous but slowly I recognize it was my mom, and she lost her beautiful fur because of that liquid thrown on her yesterday night. But she again wakes up and again searches food for me, but my mom was very afraid of everyone and I see after my mom lost her beautiful fur many people just hate him and avoid her to come near but somehow she managed to bring me food, and I was also trying to help her for searching food and we ate together but after few days my mom died because of weakness and pain and I was alone there like this I lost my family and friends no one was there for me.

Now I am very alone, I am very afraid of everything, but I want to live my life so somehow I manage to find some food and a place to live, but I miss my Mom and friends very much, I love my family and friends, I love my Mom, but today no one is with me. I am so lonely!

A small request to all human beings.

I am not a fancy dog!

I am a little stray dog, I am homeless, I have a request to you all the people.

Please don't hurt me or don't send me to other places, I love my mom, I love my family, I love my friends and I love my place.

I am not demanding anything from you, like a space in your house, delicious food like the Pedigree, Biscuit or Royal Canin or anything, I just want to live with my family and friends happily.

I know sometimes me my friends starts shouting at night maybe that disturbs you, for that, I am very sorry but we shout because of some danger we feel and most of the time we shout because of hungriness we wish to have some food but unfortunately most of the time we are sleeping with an empty stomach.

Please don't hurt me, I need your love and care.

I am loyal and honest, I love to befriend with you and many people are so big-hearted and nice. They love me, sometimes they bring food to me. I am very thankful to them. They are very nice, they call me their best friend.

Yes, I am their Best friend too. I love them and I greet them and I wag my tail and love them.

Thank you.

Love behalf of Stray Dogs.

Some beautiful Words # Dogs love to protect and care you that's why they care you without caring themself.

# Dogs come with the definition of true love.

# Love with no doubt is the "Love of Dog".

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