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9 Dog Blogs You Must Read in 2020

Updated: Jan 22

Bigozi is sharing the love with the words, it is very beautiful to read and experience the love with the speechless soul and humans best friend "The DOG", The articles are really very beautiful to read, they share some great and beautiful stories which impress and make us proud to be a Dog lover, and alert us towards dogs love and care.

Come and join the Family and speak about our Best friend, their Love, and care.

1) 101 Reasons to Adopt a Dog!

Buying a dog is not bad or any kind of against the rule, but most of the people who are selling the dogs, they don't love the dogs and even don't care them nicely because they see them as a business tool they feel useless when the mother Dog can't give birth to baby dog than they just leave them, some are worst they kill them so just to stop this kind of nonsense business it is important to adopt, and to know more why we should adopt you can read this No 1. article by Bigozi family.


2) 6 Steps to take care of your furry baby!

Some beautiful and easy steps to care for and grow your furry friend.

They are really soft and nice to enjoy, their soft paw and furry worm cutie puppy,

The basic steps to care are important to know.

Read more at ""

3) A Real Dog lover, Loves every Dog!

The heading itself is powerful.

We see and hear many people are showing and telling themself as real or great Dog lovers, but the fact is very few of them are real Dog lovers,

But who are they? and Why they are real dog Lover.

Take a glance at this lovely article: ""

4) Dog Basic Obedience!

Dog owners or dog lovers should know the Basic obedience to teach their pet,

it is very important and nice to teach them,

As some dogs are friendly and calm by nature they are good and loved by many people but if he/she is trained with basic obedience that will be plus point for him/her.

And some breeds are aggressive by nature, it is a danger for many and creates a problem for the owner, so this basic obedience is important to teach them to keep safe.

Basic obedience, a pet owner should teach their pet.


5) Make your pet social!

This is also very important for a dog owner to make their pet social because sometimes we face many problems just because the pet is not social and try to keep them away from the people and other dogs which is really very negative point for the dog and owner also, so making them social is very important and making your pet social is not something weak, it very useful.

To know more read this article by Bigozi.


6) Life with Dog!

A beautiful real story by a Bigozi member, you will love to read it, and some tips on life with Dog, with some beautiful words, there is a benefit to be with Dog!

It's a blessing to have a dog!


7) I love my Dog!

Here Bigozi share a Story, with an incident with a Dog, why I love my dog,

there always a reason behind we love someone here I share that reason why I am in love with my Dog.


8) Care your Dog!

Caring your Dog is very important to know, what is the right way to care is much important, so know that who is a real caretaker and what is the right way to care? It is really very interesting to read.


9) Why Dog?

We love dogs, dogs love us and we consider them as our best friend.

But why Dog?

So Bigozi comes with some beautiful stories as an example to answer this question.

Why Dog?


Bigozi always come with a beautiful reason to love and care our best Friends, Speechless souls "The DOG"

So join our family with love to keep, Love, care, and awareness.

Some beautiful words

Never consider any help as small or big Help, just do it as your Capability.

Speak for speechless ones is the best way to use the power of your Sound.

Never hurt someone in front of your child or younger one, because they will follow your step. Let's make all dog stories famous! Do you know similar personalities doing great work? We would love to hear! Email us at