6 Steps to take care of your furry baby!

Updated: Jan 22

How to take care of the furry baby?

For all the wholesome love and affection that those four paws and wide smiles

bless us with, it is important to return the favor by taking care of them. The following post guides pet-parents through some of the general tips on how to take care of your furry baby.


It doesn't matter if you have recently brought in a pup or you are home to three dogs. A few things should be a part of your shopping list. A Dog collar, leash, and an identification tag so that your buddy can find his way back home. Anti-chew sprays and dog crates will create a safe space for your untrained puppies. For

Grooming, nail clippers, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, and dog shampoo are must-haves. lastly, Long-lasting toys, a comfy bed along with food and water bowls.

Socializing and communicating.

Your best friends love mingling in friendly play-dates. They look forward to daily walks and social activities that they can be a part of. Communicating helps in understanding their needs and familiarizing them with other, people. Treating them with respect and love is all that those puppy eyes ask for.

Healthcare and feeding.

A veterinarian guides you through vaccination processes for your dogs. He also helps out with parasite control treatments and provides instructions for feeding. hence, regular appointments with your veterinarian for check-ups are important. Premium quality meals will keep them in good shape with full of nutrition. Attach a list of food items that trigger allergies to the identification tag for safety.


The universe works in favor of these furry babies by saving them from unpleasant shower trips, as they need bathing once a month. Combing helps prevent any uninvited fleas and ticks. Pet-parents should trim nails to save themselves from nightmares of ripped sofa seats. While they need brushing twice a week to look after that precious smile and prevent any dental issues. At Bigozi, we understand the importance of stronger teeth and beautiful smiles. Our oral care treats help to minimize dental problems. You can buy them at

Daily Exercises

That perfect baby of yours finds exercising dull and frustrating as much as you do. They would rather prefer a 45 minutes walk or a fetch game that helps show-off their admirable skills. Such fun routine exercise discourages obesity and minimizes the risk of unpleasant diseases.

Reward-based training

Our buddy needs coaching for 'little accidents' and for responding to basic commands. Introducing reward-based training makes the training more fun, effective and fruitful. Reward-based training also makes them feel appreciated for their accomplishments.

Some care and a whole lot of affection are all that your fury baby asks for, in return for unconditional love. The above-mentioned tips promise a welcoming and endearing environment for them. Thinking of Adopting a pet, that's the best decision one can make! Check out our latest article- 101 Reasons to Adopt a Dog!