101 Reasons to Adopt a Dog!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


As we are human beings!

We have a brain to understand and Mind to think, so we are very developed in many fields, we create many different things, which are unimaginable, for example, computers, smartphones, Internet, Etc. All this is really Amazing and Wonderful!

But still we are not satisfied, and beg many more things from God and trying to grab from others also and try to gain more and more.

Among all this activity I just wanted to alert you that, you are like god for some sentient beings, they beg from you for their Happiness, but we just ignore and still we beg like poor.

So here who need our help and how we can do this act of god (GOOD ACTION), but 1st- I want to say something, why we should do this? Because there is a law of action one who gives he/she gets back, so do good you will get good back.

So here is a Beautiful chance to do some kindness action, beautiful steps towards Good.

How and what to do?

As we know that winter season has come already, early morning, evening and at night Cold enough so we buy some warm clothes, blanket, heater, etc. and hopefully you are enjoying this winter, but unfortunately still our Best friends are Suffering in this winter, they are hungry, they really need our help, but we didn’t care them and we called them our Best Friend. (HUMAN’S BEST FRIEND) “Yes, Everyone! I am talking about DOG.” They need our help!

So here we can help them by adopting, simply many of us are fond of getting pets, like this we can help them and it is really beautiful to do.

Why we should adopt?

If you have this kind of doubt! Here are 101 of reason, I will share some with you, as we know there are many people who are fond of getting pets, and they spent lots of money to buy a pet, so now this became a very big cruel business many people are doing this kind of business very cruelly they don’t care of pets they are only business for them so by adopting the really needy ones you can stop this kind of cruel business.

By adopting some of them we can control the population of street dogs which will help to control lots of accidents and save the life of someone if you want to know you can check YouTube videos, there are many videos of an accident because of a street dog.

If we do this kind of action which leads us towards kindness, it will keep our mind positive and pure. Here this is little reason why we should adopt them.

How to adopt?

This is something special! This thing is only to clear that here when we adopt a puppy from the street or somewhere else, many of us adopt puppies and take care of them at our own house, but we left their family there on the street.

So here I request you if possible take him/her with their family also, if not possible than you can provide them some warm place with blanket and daily some food for them this is also adoption or if you like or want to take one of them with you it is ok but please don’t forget to take care of his/her family also.

And sometimes we can’t bring them to house because we are bachelor and we don’t have our own house, we live in rented houses, that time we can also adopt by providing some blanket and with some food to eat, they don’t need lots of space to live and lot food to eat, I think we have enough to do this, really they are beautiful and they need us.

Some beautiful words!

“Real dog lover loves every Dog.”

“They love by action only, not by your caste, religion, and looks. Then why you”? “Their naughty cute action will make you happy forever.”